How to find a job in the Netherlands (student edition)

You just graduated? And now start applying? 

Everyone congratulates you! All those years you worked so hard. You may have student debts or people who invested in your education. The expectation to succeed from your family, yourself and others is skyhigh. Do you feel anxious? Stressed out?

Starting your working life can be overwhelming. You suddenly bear the responsibility for an income. It is therefore important to find a job quickly. And preferably a good job. Which makes you happy?


Don't know where to start? Especially now that you are in a different country? Trying to find a job in the Netherlands with all those different cultural norms and rules? I can imagine you could use some help!

Do you recognise this? 

"Everywhere they ask for a minimal Dutch language level

but you haven't been able to learn, write or speak Dutch fluently. 

What can you say to not be rejected immedialty?"

"Do you feel like you might be missing vacancies? 

Just because you don't know where to look or how to find ones?"

"What gives a good first impression when you apply in a Dutch company?"

"You may have learned that the Dutch can be blunt ...

but how does that apply in a work enviroment?"

Wat gaan we doen? 

  • 3 meetings, maandagavond, 1x per 2 weken, op locatie Ede-Wageningen.

  • 4 thuiswerkopdrachten die je helpen (in)zicht te krijgen op jouw baankansen en wensen.

  • Afsluitende borrel (incl. 1 gratis drankje) met de groep.

  • Whatsapp + Mail service voor al je loopbaanvragen tussen de meetings door.

  • Maximaal 8 deelnemers per keer! 

Handige checklist en downloads, zoals;

  • 1 A4 vol slimme sollicitatievragen (en antwoorden)

  • 1 Onderhandel checklist voor je arbeidsvoorwaarden


En er is meer ....

  • Naslag E-book met de inhoud van alle avonden.

  • CV check door een HR adviseur.

Wat zeggen anderen?

Deelnemer februari 2019

Trijnie, Afgestudeerd en met baan

Master Organic Agriculture


I (a Dutch HR advisor) give you many ins and outs on what to do an don't do when looking for a job in the Netherlands. With TedTalks and some Dutch employers who volunteer we help you to write creative application letters. And we will be practicing interviews skills.

Who am I?

Yes! I would love to join!


"How to find a job in the Netherlands"

Date: unknown

Location: Wageningen

+support group

+personal (Dutch) job-hunt-buddy

€ 64,95 -


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